Royal Seed Child support Foundation is an organization that takes care of the total well-being of children, Race, Religion or sex notwithstanding. Our vocal focus is to ensure that every child experience love and care to it’s maximum by providing them with the needed emotional, spiritual, finiacial and educational support. Through the children’s outreach seminars held on Saturday, many kids have develop positive self-esteem and many others learn how to live an honest life. We have over one hundred and fifty registered kids that come in our three different locations. These kids always look forward to these meetings. We teach, feed and have a lot of fun with them.
In some rare cases, we have helped start up little businesses for jobless parents so they can take care of their children.
We have rescued children from abuse and are still doing it.


Poverty is one of the major problems we are tackling in our efforts in reaching out to children. In some occasions, we have assist some parents start little business with which they will be able to sponsor their children education…


Education is a major factor that contributes positively to a child’s future. Due to lack of finance, most kids a deprived of this awesome privilege. We provide scholarship and education support fund for children who want to further their studies…

Health Care

The inability to access quality healthcare services due to poverty is one of the major cause of infants death. We help pay the hospital bills of children whose parents may not be able to access quality health care services due to lack of fund.