About Us

We are a registered faith-based charity and non-profit, organization. We bring hope to orphans, less privileged kids and all kids at large children all over the world . We take care of their education, spiritual life, social aspects, welfare, health, and feeding. We publish Christian magazines for the spiritual upliftment of children named ‘The Royal Child’.
Our first music album was released on the first of June 2015. Titled ‘Dance Like David Did’. We also help teen kids acquire skills that will help them in life.
Royal Seed Child Support Foundation, supports kids in every area of life so they can grow to maximize their potentials. Benjamin and Vivian Arazu started this organization in the year 2003. Its inaugurated was on March 26th 2004. The organization started with 32 kids

Benjamin and Vivian Arazu

Rev Gerald Mclean & Darla McLean

Glenda McArthur-Camara, BS, MHA